Eiskonditorei Schmalhaus - Kristoffer Krenz - Oberhausen


Schmachtendorfer Kirmes

11. September - 14. September 2020

The traditional Kröößkirmes carnival has attracted young and old to the north of Oberhausen for over 200 years. From Friday afternoon to Monday evening, it offers a colourful mix of stands and fairground rides to discover.


The name Krööß originally referred to a regional compote of apples and plums. As it could be easily prepared and stored, it was a typical fair snack in days gone by. Today, however, people tend to eat fresh specialities at the Krööß, such as our ice cream made by hand on-site.


Additional highlights include several historical fairground rides from the first half of the 20th century, the tractor meet with traditional and modern vehicles on Saturday and the Sunday shopping day during the fair weekend.

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