Eiskonditorei Schmalhaus - Kristoffer Krenz - Oberhausen



A 100-year-old recipe. For ice cream that’s ready in only 60 minutes at the most.

When you taste a Schmalhaus ice cream, you’re also reliving part of our family tradition.


For more than 100 years, quality has been at the heart of our company’s philosophy. That quality doesn’t just come from what we put into our ice cream. It also comes from what we leave out. No artificial colours, no preservatives, no long periods in the deep freeze, and no deliveries from place to place that might let the ice cream defrost. Instead, we produce our ice cream right where we serve it.


As a food producer, we don’t just fulfil our statutory obligations but make sure we exceed them. And we take full responsibility for ensuring our production, supply and sales facilities are kept impeccably clean by sending our staff for regular hygiene training, keeping washing and drainage sinks separate, having our drinking water hoses tested and certified, equipping each ice cream maker with a thermometer and selecting our suppliers with care.


Our ice cream is produced by hand before your very eyes. Right there on our own ice cream stall, using original BOKU ice cream machines to freshly prepare a new batch every 60 minutes. And always following the same recipe – one that hasn’t been changed in six generations.

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