Eiskonditorei Schmalhaus - Kristoffer Krenz - Oberhausen


Our modern ice cream stall

Where tradition is blended with progress

Our second mobile ice cream stall, custom-built by the company PFAFF in 2005, represents the continuation of our success story. By purchasing it, the Schmalhaus and Krenz family became the owners of not just a second stall but of one the most modern ice cream facilities in the whole of Germany.

Equipped with four BOKU ice cream makers and two convection-cooled on-site refrigerators, the mobile stall can meet even the largest crowd’s need for ice cream.

In addition to making sure our products are of high quality, we also ensure that our stalls look outstanding. Thus, our motto – ‘Where tradition meets the modern’ – has been lovingly painted onto our stall in a beautiful art nouveau style by a specialist local airbrush company. The extra bay windows also add to the ice cream stall’s charm, while its 2,000 bulbs provide atmospheric illumination. Any accompanying vehicles are decorated in the same style, too. Whatever the occasion, the Schmalhaus ice cream stall is a feast for the eyes.


And, of course, our ice cream stalls meet the highest quality and hygiene standards.

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