Eiskonditorei Schmalhaus - Kristoffer Krenz - Oberhausen


Our traditional ice cream stall

Ice cream culture: around 1900. Technology: 21st-century.

Our traditional ice cream stall will take you back to your childhood. Red and white spirals spin on the wall. Suspended antique-style glass lanterns illuminate the Schmalhaus name above the stall, while overhead bulbs light the busy counter. And the charm of the good old days casts its magic spell on young and old alike.

The technical aspects, though, are anything but old-fashioned. Our ice cream stall complies with all current requirements – and, of course, with the most stringent quality and hygiene standards.

Equipped with five BOKU ice cream makers and two convection-cooled on-site refrigerators, the mobile stall can meet even the largest crowd’s need for ice cream.

Needless to say, all of our accompanying vehicles are decorated in the same style as our ice cream stall, to create a picture of perfect harmony.

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