Christmas Market

Winter ice cream

It’s never too cold for Schmalhaus ice cream.

You thought ice cream was something for summer? Then you should try our delicious winter creations… At Centro Oberhausen and at the Cranger Weihnachtszauber you can now get our new winter ice cream. In addition to the classic flavors, we then exclusively offer our Christmas varieties such as cinnamon, speculoos, rum brittle marzipan and more, with matching toppings such as roasted hazelnuts or cinnamon-sugar sprinkles.

Of course, our winter ice cream is also made fresh on site according to a traditional family recipe. Come by and let our creamy ice cream melt in your mouth. Because “Dahinschmelzen” works even at sub-zero temperatures.


Chocolate-covered marshmallow treats

Marshmallow treats for sharing at any time of year

What’s hard on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside? Yes, you’ve got it: our delicious chocolate-covered marshmallow treats. Only Schmalhaus supplies these in 30 different flavours – so whatever you fancy, we’ve got something to suit every taste.

Why not try one of the Christmas flavours of these locally produced delicacies? You can choose from cinnamon, advocaat, glühwein or marzipan. Or one of the classic varieties, such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate and brittle. And let’s not forget our fruity varieties, including strawberry, blueberry and orange.

Our chocolate-covered marshmallow treats are ideal for munching on the spot or for taking home. The perfect treat for yourself, in fact, or the ideal gift for your family, friends or colleagues.